Buying with Loppi

[For Japanese] Loppiで購入する

Tickets that are handled by Lawson Ticket can be bought using "Loppi" at any Lawson store in Japan.
The "L Code" that are required for buying tickets using Loppi can also be searched on LAWSON TICKET(, so you can check information on the Web and then purchase the tickets at a Lawson store.
"Loppi" becomes even more convenient if you use it together with LAWSON TICKET(
* When buying tickets from Loppi, a fee may be charged on top of the ticket price (for more details, please check the contents that are displayed during application).

How to Buy

Find nearby Lawson / mini-stop

You can buy tickets using Lawson's Loppi system from the first day of the regular release date*. L Code are required when buying tickets, so please check these codes using the "チケット検索 (Ticket Search)" function on this site, or in the "月刊ローチケ (Monthly Lawson Ticket)" magazine that is available for free at Lawson stores.
*Excluding some performances.

Japanese only

Find nearby Lawson / mini-stop Find L Code

Step1 Touch "Lawson Ticket"

The selection button differs per performance genre.
Touch "ローソンチケット各種お手続き(Lawson Ticket)" on the "Loppi" screen at a Lawson store.

Step2 Touch "Buy a ticket now"

Touch "今すぐチケットを探して買う(Buy a ticket now)" button.

Step3-A Search by keyword

If you know the L Code, please enter it directly, or find tickets search by keyword.

Step3-B Select a Genre, Area, Performance date or release date

Find tickets by selecting the genre, area, performance date or release date.

Step4 Check

Select the performance you wish to attend and check the contents.
* Make sure to check the ticket price, registration fee and store issuing fee.

Step5 Pay

Take the application ticket that is issued by Loppi and pay the fee at the register within 30 minutes.
* The application ticket will become invalid after 30 minutes.